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Tips to make the most of your study abroad experience

If you decide to study abroad, the experience will broaden your horizons across multiple areas of your life, from your educational and career path to meeting new people, discovering new places and understanding different cultures.

To make the most of your time abroad, we have suggested some tips:

  1. Have an open mind

A big part of your study abroad experience is to meet new people and understand different cultures. You will make friends with a diverse group of people if you have an open mind. Be friendly, don’t be shy and you will boost your experience abroad!

  1. Explore as much as possible

Take the opportunity to travel. Spain is a wonderful country with great contrasts. Enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, visit the traditional southern region or experience the classic northern customs.

  1. Immerse in the local culture

Seize every opportunity you have to try, visit, experience and live something new. Enjoy the local delights, ask and understand the local customs, make an effort and visit museums, flamenco dance shows or participate in language exchanges.

  1. Learn new things every day

Remember why you are abroad. Experience something new every day, commit to it: attend Spanish classes, talk to teachers or tutors, hang out with locals, cook local food and participate in activities organized by Euroace to enhance your experience abroad.


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