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New Year’s Resolution: Learn Spanish


2018 just started and the time to decide what you want to pursue in the coming year is now. To help, we have an idea for the perfect new year’s resolution: learning a new language. And what could be better than Spanish!?

Over half a billion people worldwide speak Spanish, ranking second after Chinese, it is the official language in 20 countries and it is the second most spoken language in the United States. Start planning your trip to Spain because it is happening, you are going to learn Spanish in 2018!

Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia are great cities to live and learn Spanish. While the first two cities are big metropolis with a vast offer and a considerable amount of tourists, Valencia offers everything a student wants in an international location: amazing weather, delicious gastronomy, cool cultural activities and great museums, fine sandy beaches, friendly locals and economic living.

Learning a new language, and especially Spanish, will allow you to stand out in a competitive job market, develop a global network, make new friends, travel, live and work anywhere. Euroace allows international students to learn Spanish in Valencia while surrounded by culture, history and tradition. A dedicated team of experienced teachers will provide full support and tutoring, making you feel at home. Plan your trip today!

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