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Lubica Placha Experience


Our student, Lubica Placha share with us some impressions of his stay in Valencia.

Why did you decide to come to Spain and specifically to Valencia?

For learning Spanish and enjoying sunny days, and I have a couple of friends who told me that Valencia is a very nice town.

Did you face any cultural differences during your stay?

Of course, every country has different people, culture and history. I was glad that I was able to meet different kind of people.

What are your highlights from your time in Valencia?

The dominant of the Valencia is the architectonic beauty from Santiago Calatrava. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is really gorgeous in every perspective you will see. I also like the historical centre. Valencia has a lot of beautiful places to explore. And also is very photogenic.

Did you have Spanish lessons during your stay?

Yes, I did have Spanish lessons. That was the main reason of coming to this country. And it was really good experience.

Did you gain the international experience you were looking for?

I met a lot of different people from different countries. We are still in contact.

What activity provided by EUROACE did you enjoy the most?

We had really good teachers. But at the end of my stay I went to one event that was for foreigners who wanted to improve their English not only Spanish.

How was your experience living in a family or in a shared flat?

I found my accommodation by my own and I was happy with my choice.

What do you think could be improved?

Well I really like what they did. But maybe for some of the people it was little bit harder to start or enjoy it more, because their own language is very different from Spanish, not only the writing, but grammar and pronunciation too.

How would you rate your overall?

I enjoy staying in Valencia the most. Even when I have been in the hospital and they made a surgery and I didn’t understand them at all… The people there are very kind. Summer in Spain is calm. They don’t rush when they don’t need to. I love the fresh fishes and fruits too.

Around Valencia there is a lot of beautiful places. You can swim not only in sea, you can travel, enjoy the food and people. I really loved the stay here. So I hope you will try it too.

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