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Best Skype Interview Tips


Sometimes international students have online interviews prior to their internship abroad. It is vital that you’re ready to impress your interviewer just as you would in a face-to-face interview. Here are some essential tips:


  1. Tidy up the room

Make sure the background wall is neutral, with no posters or flags; clean, with no clothes, unmade bed or underwear.

  1. Dress smartly

Casual smart is always good for Skype interviews. Dress as is appropriate for the job or role you are applying for. If you have doubts asked them in advance.

  1. Understand the tool

If you’re new to skype or the online tool you’d be wise to play around with the program before your interview. Do a test call, make sure the sound is good, the camera works and the broadband speed is right.

  1. Look at the camera, not yourself

Try not to look at yourself in the corner screen. It is easy to do without noticing. Do not try to make eye contact with the person on the screen as in the eyes of the interviewer you will be gazing at something else. Focus on the black dot of your camera.

  1. Body language

Sit up straight. You are at home so it may be easy to relax and forget about showing a positive body language. Remember also to speak with clarity, not too loud or too low, and check your distance to the camera.

Preparation is key to success. Research the company you are applying to, follow the tips above mentioned and chances to be succesful will increase exponentially. Best luck!

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