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5 Reasons to Study Abroad

Why do I decide to study abroad? Here is a list of the most common answers.


  1. Experience a different culture

The opportunity to spend a period of time immersed in a different culture is a huge part of the appeal of studying abroad. Searching for new experiences and perspectives in a new place is a very common answer. Looking ahead in your career is another main reason why many decide to go abroad. International experience and intercultural skills are highly valued by many employers and students know this. Some students may have a specific culture or destination in mind like Valencia (Spain), while others may be ready to explore anywhere new.


  1. Improve language skills

Many students are also motivated to study abroad to improve their language skills, which again can be a major asset when applying to desired job roles. For example, for a US student Spanish is an increasingly important language to learn, so many students are deciding to study abroad in Spain. It’s cheap, it’s fun and it may become a key decision to enhance your career prospective.


  1. Build an international professional network

Studying abroad can be an opportunity to establish a really strong international professional network, by establishing friendships with classmates from all around the world, which will long outlast the duration of your program. If this is one of your motivations to go overseas, you may want to make sure you choose a language school like Euroace with a particularly diverse student community.


Two extra reasons


  1. Find yourself

One of the ultimate reasons to study abroad is to gain life experience. You’ll learn how to handle unexpected situations, be independent, self-sufficient, and organize your life and condense it into one suitcase. You’ll have to challenge yourself, buy your own meals and wash your own clothes. When studying abroad, being far from home can really make you miss those familiar comforts you’d taken for granted, from your grandma’s cooking to having more than two pairs of trousers to choose from.


  1. Travel and explore during spare time

Weekends and in between lectures, studying abroad should leave you with plenty of time to explore and travel. Whether you’re one for visiting iconic landmarks, trying new foods or bartering at local markets, traveling to Ibiza for the weekend or simply enjoying paradisiac beaches. Spend your time smartly.


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