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5 employment skills provided by doing an internship abroad

  1. International Experience

Students who have gained international experience by working abroad have obtained first-hand knowledge of another country’s culture and are better prepared for the professional world.


  1. Problem solving skills

Doing an internship abroad strengthens student’s independence and problem-solving skills. Employers know they can rely on someone who is prepared to handle unexpected situations and overcome any obstacle or challenge.


  1. Adaptability

Students who make the most of opportunities when working in a new country strengthen their ability to adapt or adjust to new environments. An aspect that that can be greatly taken advantage of when advancing in your career.


  1. Language skills

Living abroad is the perfect opportunity to develop your language skills, a fundamental asset in today’s globalized market. The chance to constantly listen others speaking a local language and to use it on a daily basis is unique and a massive advantage.


  1. Networking skills

Having to communicate in another language, whether it is the language of your destination or the universal business language, English, increases confidence levels and improves networking and communication skills, adding to your overall employment skills.


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