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3 reasons why companies look no further than Valencia


According to a recent study, access to talent is the most important factor for companies expanding internationally. Next is ease, costs, access to capital and the entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture. Well, Valencia check all of these boxes.


It’s no wonder Spain’s third largest city, a talent hub for companies with a supreme quality of life, is earning a well-deserved place on the European start-up map. Entrepreneurs, investors and professionals benefit from this movement, but no only them, graduates and students seeking for work experience in a fast pace environment within a city that offers sunshine, stability, safety and great lifestyle are starting to move in.


  1. A strong business culture

The start-up community in Valencia is considered a benchmark for European best practice as private companies and public entities collaborate and join efforts in order to boost and support young entrepreneurs and professionals. The city is eager and wants to become a worldwide player.


  1. Growing entrepreneurial ecosystem

The largest accelerators, incubators and multiple companies have established along the harbour La Marina, on what was the home of the America’s Cup sailing teams. Access to funding and financial resources, along with great existing infrastructures is attracting young people who benefit of working and learning with great mentors and inspiring leaders.


  1. Superior quality of life

Technical talent is easy to find, attract and retain. With much cheaper housing than other European cities, Valencia offers quality and low living costs. Living by the sea, walking or cycling to work, eating paella or enjoying over 300 days of sunshine is difficult to improve.

If you are a student and would like to gain work experience abroad, Valencia is a very wise choice. Improve your resume, gain professional experience abroad and enjoy the beauties that the Mediterranean city offers.

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