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My stay in Valencia

My name is Laura and I’m from Berlin. I’ve been living and working in Valencia for 9 weeks now and I am going to stay until the end of February 2018.

I’m living with a host family; the nicest, loveliest and caring people I could imagine. I can talk to them about whatever moves me, they care about me and I love to spend time with all of them. The most I enjoy the evenings when my “Dad”, my “Mom”, my two younger “siblings”, my “grandparents” and I spend evenings talking and eating together because it really feels like I’m part of the family and I get the chance to improve my vocabulary.

(The flat is also centrally located, I’m living next to the Calle Colón and fortunately also close to my work. I have my own room and even bathroom.)

I’m doing an internship in a school. My colleagues are very nice and funny and everyday I’m excited to go to work because for me it’s lots of fun to spend the day with them and of course with my cute little children. At my organization I also met many people in my age. With some of them I traveled one day and we meet after work or at the weekends to go to some of the various cafés or bars Valencia has in every street. We also go to the big park or we cook together.

I’m enjoying my stay in Valencia every single day and I’m glad that I chose this beautiful and lively city which has a great offer in activities and places to spend the free time. It’s impossible to get bored here. The beach of course is also very beautiful and even now during November the weather is great. With the other girl who is also volunteering in my school I went to the Oceanográfico, which was great. I also saw a flamenco show, went to the Palacio Marqués de Dos Aguas, to the museum of natural history, to a concert and to clubs. During holidays there is a traditional market next to the towers of Serrano and the Mercado Central is also beautiful and worth a visit.

The Spanish people I met are also very nice and I like the national food. My host mom cooks freshly every day and sometimes we get a big paella to share with friends or the family.

I really don’t want to leave Valencia!

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