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Learning Spanish is easier than you ever thought


At Euroace, the European Association for Cultural Exchange we have provided Spanish lessons to more than 6,000 students and it has provided us with invaluable experience and know-how. For this reason, we want to share this article with future Spanish students:


  1. Practice Spanish with a native

There is nothing better: practice. Luckily for you, opportunities abound, as many Spanish speakers are equally eager to learn English and other languages. For that reason, we organize a weekly Language Exchange where our students meet local people and improve their language skills.

  1. Make learning Spanish part of your life

Take every opportunity to practice. Switch your smartphone to Spanish. Some tasks will be more difficult at first but you will quickly learn new words and phrases. Start watching movies or TV shows with subtitles, once you feel comfortable try and watch them in Spanish with subtitles. This can boost your learning!

  1. Extra learning with no extra effort

Students who share an apartment with other students from different nationalities or stay with host families, tend to learn faster than other students who just hang out with friends who speak their same language. The more you use the language to communicate with others about your daily activities, the faster you learn without even realising and with no or very little effort. Try.

  1. Keep it fun and interesting

Learning Spanish takes persistence and practice. If your studies turn into a chore, then you won’t get much out of them. At Euroace we understand this so we like to mix up the routine lessons with fun activities. Yoga classes, cultural day trips, beach days, excursions and sport activities are part of the Spanish immersion that boost our students learning curve.

If you want to live in Spain, learn the language and have a once in a lifetime experience, get in touch with us today!

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