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Valencia’s four best kept secrets

Got no plans for your time in Valencia? You’ll be struggling for a free hour once you’ve checked out our four suggestions of things to do in the capital of the Turia river.

The 13th Century Cathedral, located in the Plaza de la Virgen was built where the old mosque of Balansiya stands, which had been built on the former Cathedral. So, inside the Cathedral is the Sacred Chalice that in Christian tradition Jesus used at the last super to serve the wine. Anyone visiting the Cathedral will too have the chance to see this relic.

Next to the Cathedral is El Mercado de Tapineria, a concept market in a beautiful downtown square. You will most likely get lost in the little street maze of the city centre before you hit with this colourful plaza, but this will be a great experience as the surrounding streets are full of cosy coffee shops, pop up stores, historic buildings and street art. Take a break and eat some tapas while you listen to live music from local artists.

Valencia is world known for its delicious oranges but ceramics is also world-class, so while you are still in the old town squeeze in a quick visit to the National Ceramics Museum, locally known as Marques de Dos Aguas, a brilliant rococo palace hidden in the city centre of the Mediterranean city.

Also in the city centre is Mercado Colón, a gorgeous example of modernism, now full of trendy cafes and bars, though it still has a gourmet food market downstairs where you can taste great local delicatessens. Due to its fantastic combination of old and new, Mercado Colón is THE place where university students and young professionals relax and spent time with friends.

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