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5 tips to prepare for moving to Valencia


Without a doubt, one of the most stressful times in life is when you find yourself moving. Whether you’re moving to another country or crossing the ocean to a new continent.

Maybe your new country speaks a different language? Maybe it has a completely different cuisine? You’re not just moving to a new apartment or home, you’re moving your life for some time.

To help you throughout the process, here are five ways you can better prepare yourself.


1. Organize important documents

It should be top on your list of things to do. Make sure you have all important documents (passport, driving license, medical card, flight tickets, etc.), as well as copies.

2. Purge unwanted belongings

It’s always a great opportunity to take inventory of your belongings. Some things will be impossible to part with, but the majority of your belongings can probably be donated, given to friends, or up-cycled somehow in your community.

3. Create lists

It may sound like old fashioned but making lists will help you during your time abroad. Making lists of things you want to visit, things you want to take with you, lists of gifts or things you want to buy, … Lists will make your life easier.

4. Pack light

One of the most common ‘regrets’ of international travelers is packing too much If you are flying to Valencia for example, there’s no need to pack coats or winter jackets as temperatures throughout the year won’t get colder than 10º C / 50º F. Plus, when you get the city you’ll find out that there’s tons of shops with fashion labels you don’t have at home and that you will want to buy. But if you packed your suitcase leaving no space you will have to leave some clothes behind.

5. Local knowledge

Read about the city, its culture, its gastronomy, its traditions, do shops open on Sundays? What’s the local dish? If Valencia has a port, seafood must be fresh and great, right? Prepare in advance and your experience will be even better!

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