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Comfort Zone


Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for many students.

Initial thoughts

At first its common to be nervous about going abroad, you are getting out of your comfort zone, but that’s great! For weeks you will be living in a different country, it’s easy to get homesick when you talk to your family and friends but focus on learning a new language and meeting new people who will most likely become great friends. Step outside your comfort zone, there’s a wonderful world outside waiting for you!

Exciting adventures

You will be living in a different country; Spain is vibrant, friendly and has great connections, make the most out of it and travel throughout Europe. Many cheap flight companies are available if you book in advance. Enrol in multiple activities such as kayaking or sailing, learn how to cook local food, dance flamenco or visit historical cities like Valencia or Barcelona. At the end of your experience abroad make sure that you always look back on with no regrets and only fond memories!

An extremely rewarding experience

Studying abroad adds another level to your college experience and your CV. Living with other cultures broadens your knowledge, teaches you how others breath and live, and provides you with a more global-minded thinking. It’s a huge opportunity for personal growth and development.

Throughout these past years we’ve supported many students with studying abroad programs, its what we do best, and for that reason we’d like to share some of their testimonials.

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