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Why Spain is so attractive to international students?


So, what is it about the country (and its cities) that makes it appeal to international students? Is it the healthcare, sense of safety, the happiness of its people or the culture – or a combination of all these things and more – that make it such an attractive country to travel to?


Spain has a very high-quality standard of healthcare, ranking higher than the healthcare systems in other major countries. With a single national plan, under their publicly funded healthcare, all Spanish citizens and permanent residents have access to hospitals and physician services without paying out-of-pocket fees.

International students may therefore need to have international health insurance in place to ensure they have access to the right healthcare at the right time.


Spain was ranked one of top 25 “world’s safest countries”. Valencia and Castellón were also ranked among the safest cities in Spain according to analysts and agencies. Being home to some of the safest cities in the world, and with an overall low crime rate, it is clear why international students – and their parents – feel attracted and relieved about Spain.


When you’re new into a country you look forward to meeting people and making friends quickly. This is easy and possible in Spain as Spanish people are possibly more friendly than other European neighbors, they are open minded, easy to talk to (specially about sports and food), they are willing to help and are entertaining and easy going. As soon as you step in the country you will feel the friendly vibe of its locals.


How can you not love Spanish culture: Mediterranean cuisine (chefs amongst top in the world), siestas (nap times), outgoing lifestyle, best Museums in Europe (Picasso, Dalí, Velazquez), great sport teams and complexes, buildings and monuments from the Romans, rich medieval heritage and a language spoken by more than 500 million people worldwide.

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