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Valencia’s top expats jobs

Living and working in Spain is possible for expats.

Don’t be put off from looking for a job in Spain if you don’t speak fluently the language, there are many sectors where demand is high, and lifestyle is second to none.

If you’re considering working abroad, Spain has always been a great choice for expats. It has amazing weather, it’s safe, it has universal health, locals are friendly and the way of living has no comparison to any other European country.

Valencia, amongst other cities has always been a favourite spot for expats to settle due to its privileged location, its great transport connections, the size of the city and its quality lifestyle.

A number of industries are looking for ambitious students (looking for an internship) and skilled employees, specially in the following sectors:

  • Engineering – Spain has great engineering firms, small and multinational companies participating in international tenders that search for great engineers who can add value to their international team. Starting a career after doing an internship in one of these companies is a natural path for many candidates. If you’d like to gain professional experience at a company get in touch with us here.
  • Finance – local job candidates for financial roles tend to lack international experience that foreign contenders often have. If you’re seeking for an international career you may have found the right place to develop your skills.
  • Marketing – Valencia is a burgeoning startup & entrepreneur ecosystem in Spain. Notorious incubators, accelerators and profitable startups are looking for talented international professionals that can help them go international.
  • Sports: Valencia is a sport’s hub with three professional football/soccer teams, one basketball franchise and multiple gigantic events taking place such as the Motorcycle Circuit, the Marathon and multiple sailing competitions.

Gaining international professional experience has never been so easy – get in touch with us today!

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