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Fun Spanish phrases for starters

Many students travel to Valencia to learn Spanish. This is a basic (and funny) course for beginners.
  • Good morning – Buenos días (bway nos  dee ahs)
  • Good afternoon – Buenas tardes (bway nahs  tar days)
  • Good evening – Buenas noches (bway nahs  noh chayss)


When you arrive to Valencia…

  • Where is – ¿Dónde está? (dohn des tah)
  • What time is it? – ¿Qué hora es? (kay orah ess)?
  • The street … ? – ¿La calle … ? (lah cah yay)?
  • A bank? – ¿Un banco? (oon bahn coh)?
  • I’m looking for a hotel – Busco un hotel (yoh kee ayr oh oon  oh tel)


In case you’re thirsty..

  • Water – Agua (ah gwah)
  • Coffee – Un café (oon cah fay)
  • The check – La cuenta (lah cwayn tah)


And possibly the most important words in Spanish:

  • Please – Por favor (por  fah vohr)
  • Thank you – Gracias (grah cee ahs).


We hope you liked these survival phrases. Come and visit us in Valencia, discover the city, learn Spanish and enjoy an experience you will remember forever 😉

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