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Vanessa, fascinated by Spain and its culture

Vanessa is from China. From a very young age she was fascinated by Spain and its culture. She had never visited the country or Europe but there was something that she liked about the Mediterranean country and she had to find out what it was that fascinated her so much. And she did find out.

Preparing for her international trip, Vanessa chose Valencia. “It has its unique attractions. Unlike Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia gave me feelings of calm, peace, and harmony. Besides, the climate of Valencia is wonderful!”

During her time at the country she did find some cultural differences. “The toughest thing for was to adapt to the Spanish dinner time, which is quite different from that of China”. But apart from this her experience provided her with many highlights. “Valencia surprised me every day. Every weekend, there were always some unexpected activities, making the city much more charming. And the beaches of Valencia are amazing. But the most unforgettable part of Valencia was its people; the locals were really friendly and warm-hearted”.

During her stay Vanessa made many friends from all over the world. She was doing an internship too so she worked with a group of enthusiastic professionals which believed in her work and what she could add to the team.

Don’t think twice and do as Vanessa did. Travel, work, study and have fun. It will be a lifelong experience to remember!

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