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10 Things internationals love about Valencia

  1. Mediterranean Weather

Long summers and mild winters. Valencia has the very best for those individuals escaping from the cold and sun-lovers

  1. The Sea

The city is open and design to maximise the benefits of the Mediterranean sea and it’s

  1. Popular Festivals

Fiestas and parties everywhere. Fallas, San Juan, La Tomatina,… Valencia has local festivities throughtout the year that foreigners can enjoy like a local

  1. Paella

Valencia is home to Spain’s national dish, la paella. Tourists can enjoy the tasty rice dish in all its varieties (don’t expect any chorizo – it’s not included!)

  1. The Monuments

The City of Arts and Sciences, Central Market, the Cathedral,

  1. The color of the sky

With an intense blue covering the ‘city ceiling’, Valencia is known as the city of the light because of its wide avenues, its openess towards the sea and no contamination

  1. Big but Small

With 1 million population, Valencia has all the benefits and services of a big city but removes its odds, such as traffic, air pollution and noise (we don’t have!)

  1. Friendly Locals

Locals will always try and make you feel at home (even if they don’t speak your language they’ll try their best)

  1. Superb Beaches

Malvarrosa, Patacona, Arenal, Canet, El Saler, Pinedo, El Perelló,… so many fantastic beaches to visit that you’ll need a month to enjoy all of them

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

Football is king in Valencia (it’s home to two professional football clubs) but you can practice any sport throughout the year: basketball, running (Valencia’s Marathon has 19,000+ participants), volleyball, cycling, swimming, tennis,… you name it!


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