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4 Secrets to learn Spanish fast

Ask questions

Don’t be shy in class, teachers love students that ask good questions!

«Is this a word used in formal or informal situations? Can you suggest synonyms for this word?»

Write down a list of all your queries and ask your teacher at class, during break or at the end of the lesson. Don’t be shy and ask!


Live conversation

With the rise of new technologies, we have the idea that everything can be taught, learned and practiced without interaction. Do you want to access a Master degree? Follow an online course. Do you need a tasty recipe? Google. Do you want to learn a foreign language? Choose an app. It’s true that internet can help students strengthen their vocabulary but unless you’re not going to speak, let it go. You will need to practice with a native speaker, and as soon as possible even if your not confident in Spanish. Why? You will quickly learn from your mistakes and will rapidly improve, even your pronunciation will get better!

Language exchanges are an excellent activity outside classrooms to improve your Spanish and also meet interesting people – just find out where this meet ups take place!


New words – the sooner the better

Many students write lists of new words on their notebooks, but never use them in real life so they forget. Next time you hear an exotic word remember that writing it down is not enough, make an effort and use it as soon as the opportunity shows up. Pronounce, write it in a sentence, find its declination, verb or adjective, you can even ask your friends who you’ve met at class or at the language exchange. We guarantee that this technique enriches your vocabulary and helps you to remember it faster!


Survival first

If your starting to speak Spanish think about possible conversations you will have in real life. For example: how to go somewhere, where’s the bus or metro, how to order at a restaurant, how to buy tickets for an event or personal questions when you meet someone. Once you’ve identified the vocabulary areas, focus your energies on these. It will make your language immersion much easier!

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