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La Cordà de Paterna – an astonishing festivity

Dancing with powder and fire. What else can you ask for to boost your adrenaline?

La Cordà de Paterna is a great unknown for most visitors and international students who spend time either working or studying in Valencia during summer. Every last Sunday of August, La Cordà takes place in the nearby town of Paterna, within 10-minutes drive from Valencia or 15 minutes with public transport, either bus or metro.

Its origins are uncertain although it has editorial references from the 19th century. The main feature of the festivity is to celebrate fire as an element. Bonfires, bangers, fire crackers, rockets, fireworks, … Everything is related to fire, one of the four elements as water, air and earth.

The fire show takes place at night. Protected by special fireproof clothes and a sealed cage that protects the audience watching the show from outside, pitchers from different parts of the country participate in the dance by throwing fire bangers and crackers. This show of lights and sounds mesmerises those who watch the performance for the first time.  350 people ‘open fire’ throwing up to 70,000 bangers inside the cage for 20 minutes.

With Fallas, the night of San Juan and La Tomatina as major local festivals in Valencia and party attractions for international students, La Cordà is an excellent choice if you want to live a unique experience and feel the heat and adrenaline that this local celebration offers.

Be ready because the party takes place on Sunday 27th.

Photo: valenciabonita

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