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New international internship experiences for Chinese students

An increasing amount of Chinese students are seeking an overseas experience every year. Seeking to expand their world vision and also add a highlight to their resume, students who decide to pursue an internship experience abroad do end up gaining much more than what they were all expecting.

Su Xin, who studies at Chongqing Foreign Language School flew overseas this year to attend an internship at prestigious professional football club, Villarreal from LaLiga.

“I’m a soccer fan and I love doing everything related to soccer,” Su said. “I also want to study sport management in my future, so this internship was perfect for me. That’s why I tried my best to catch the chance.”

It’s an increasing trend as more and more students in their schools and Universities decide to intern oversees. “There are more and more students who have been to or want to intern abroad. Universities are encouraging students to gain global internship opportunities.”

To gain an overseas internship position, students have to prepare documents and attend online interviews.

The companies do offer airport pick-up service and accommodations so students have everything ready once they arrive. “My workplace was in Valencia but my flight was to Madrid,” Su said. “So they picked me up aat Madrid airport. I lived with other students from different countries in a great apartment.”

Su interned at Villarreal CF, one of the Top 5 teams in LaLiga, her primary role was to handle media affairs. “I was the club’s oficial Weibo manager,” she says, explaining that she was pleasently surprised at being offered such an important responsibility.

“I engaged closely with Chinese fans on social media, which gave me a deeper understanding about sports industry.”

Many Chinese students believe that foreign companies tend to have “strict requirements” for Chinese applicants, but the truth is that new global attitudes have in fact made it easier for them.


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