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Things to do in Valencia like a local

When you are living in Valencia, it is nice to do all the touristy things, but at the same time, it is a must to ‘be Spanish’ for a day, or even a week, and do all the typical things that Spanish people would.


1. Go for a stroll on the ‘paseo de la malvarrosa’ until ‘Port sa Playa’

You can go either on the promenade or on the actual sand, and it is a nice route as there are many bars and small restaurants along the way, in case you get thirsty or hungry. Make sure to wear your swimsuits, so you can end the walk with a dip in the sea!

2. Have a midday snack at the central market- ‘El Mercado Central’

Having your ‘almuerzo’ at the Mercado Central in Valencia is a ritual that you must live at least once when staying in Valencia. The ‘Central Bar’ is the most popular one, however, its price isn’t too low- be ready to pay what you would for lunch! People usually have a ‘bocadillo’ stuffed with a tapas plate. However, there are also other places, where you can have things like the famous horchata.

3. Go on a bike tour around the ‘Río Turia’

The Río Turia used to be a river, that due to number reasons, now is Valencia’s urban garden. There are many emblematic buildings on the way, and it is also a way to relax and see different areas of the city in a shorter period of time.

4. Visit the ‘Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias’ (City of Arts and Sciences)

The City of Arts and Sciences is a cultural tourist destination in Valencia, yet many locals visit it too. You can go inside and visit all its different buildings, or you can also walk around it at night, as its lights are stunning, with the water surrounding it.

5. Have dinner and go out in Ruzafa

Ruzafa is one of Valencia’s most popular neighbourhood of the moment. It is full of small restaurants and bars, and it is the place to go to during the evening for some food, or during the night for some drinks and music.


Photo: Euroace

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