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Agua de Valencia

The ‘Agua de Valencia’ is a Valencian drink that was elaborated for the first time in 1959, but it wasn’t until 1970 that it became popular amongst Valencia’s citizens, especially students.

Nowadays, it is not a drink that people tend to order, as it has been kind of outdated by drinks like ‘tinto de verano’ or ‘sangria’, but it still represents Valencia’s culture, and so if you are visiting the city you should definitely try it. However, even though you can order it in many different bars/ restaurants, its recipe has been altered, and the traditional one only remains in certain well-known bars. (Note that as it is not as popular within Valencian’s, a lot of bars tend to make the drink very pricey).

The main district in Valencia full of bars serving ‘Agua de Valencia’, which is visited both by tourists and locals, is the Barrio del Carmen- this area is where the actual bar where it was elaborated used to be, but sadly it doesn’t exist anymore. You can also find the drink in the Barrio de Ruzafa, as they also use quality products.

So, what exactly is the Agua de Valencia? It is a drink made of two parts of freshly squeezed oranges, seven parts of cava, one part of a mix between vodka and gin, sugar and ice. All of these ingredients are mixed in a big jug and served (to share). Recently, some bars have also added rum, but you should know rum is not part of the original recipe, so try to avoid is so you can try the actual traditional one!

Here are a couple of bars where you can enjoy a good quality for price Agua de Valencia:

  • Café San Jaume
  • Radio City
  • Café Tocado

Go and try it and let us know what you think!

Photo: Loli Dominguez

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