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La Feria de Julio

La Feria de Julio, also known as ‘Gran Fira de València’, is a summer festival that takes place in Valencia during the month of July, this year from the 30th of June until the 3rd of August.

It has been taking place since 1871, and it offers many leisure and cultural activities, encouraging Valencian residents to stay in the city during the summer, as well as inviting tourists to come on holiday and enjoy the festival.

There are many activities taking place: music concerts, a funfair, food tasting stands and street markets, amongst others. Music concerts are one of the most popular events, as both national and international artists come to Valencia to play during the month. These concerts occur in the ‘Jardines de Viveros’ and are offered at very affordable prices (from as little as 12€ to 40€), and it definitely is a great opportunity for you to listen to some live Spanish music, and enjoy the atmosphere in a Spanish concert- which is probably very different to the one in your own country!

There are also a couple of more emblematic events taking place during the month. Firstly the 22nd of July, known as the ‘Gran Nit de Juliol’ (translated into Big Night of July), a magical night full of music, dance and colour, invites people to experience several activities. Some museums open for the night, and there are also several fireworks displays throughout the evening. Then, during an event known as ‘La Batalla de las Flores’ (in the well-known ‘Paseo de la Alameda’), Valencian’s congregate around a ‘shower of flowers’, and this year it will be taking place on the 30th of July at 20:00. It is an evening full of flowers, colour and street parades, which celebrates history and tradition but also happiness, and at the same time closes the ‘Gran Fira de València’ festival.

As you can see there are many events to get involved in, starting from the morning and finish in the evening. All you have to do is look at the schedule and look at what you fancy doing.

Photo: El Mundo

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