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Tips For Living in a Share House

1. Do your dishes!
Clean everything you used right after you used it, simple as that. But what happens if you’re running late and have no time to clean your dishes? Avoid problems by popping your housemates a whatsapp letting them know that you know you left it, then take care of it as soon as you can.

2. Food & cooking arrangements
Agree early on how you’ll share or not share the cooking utensils, the space in the fridge and shelves to avoid future issues. Share kitchen basics (condiments, spices) but have your own shelf for the food you buy.

3. Agree on a chore system
This is a big one and probably the toughest sharing issue to get right.
No-one should have to clean up after other someone else. So to avoid discussions always clean up after yourself in communal areas, create a roster for spaces that need frequent cleaning, make a fun Spotify list 😉

4. Visitors and parties
You need to talk about when and how often people can stay over.
When it comes to parties – big or small – try to make sure your housemates are on board. Talk to them before and after the event just in case they need to get something off their chest.

5. Build house traditions
The very best flatmates do fun things as a group.
i.e. Suggest one night a week where one of you cooks for everyone, or pizza + movie night every Friday is a great way to bond with your flatmates.

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