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Five reasons to share apartment

  • ¡It’s economic! – Sharing a flat helps you save money as it’s possible to divide the rent, the shopping list and the bills. Sharing your living expenses with someone else will give a great relief to your pocket.
  • Less work for you – When you have a roommate it’s much easier to split household chores allowing you to delegate part of the work and finish faster (enjoy your leisure time!
  • Relationships – When you don’t have the opportunity to choose with whom to live, having an open mind (to meet other people) helps to develop a healthy relationship with your flatmate – and increases the chances of becoming very good friends!
  • Security – Having someone living with you is always a great support. If anything happens – to forget the keys is quite common – your flatmate can always be there for you.
  • Adventures – Sharing can be a challenge for some people. However the positives are always greater than the odds: you can improve other languages, learn from different cultures, taste exotic cuisines and mature as a person!

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