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Spanish and internship experience

Carl internship Experience

Student’s interview by Milena Bednarczyk

Many international students from all over the world, come to Valencia in order to learn Spanish while doing an internship. To learn a bit more about their motivations and expectations, I interviewed one of them, Carl – a german student who will stay here in Valencia for 10 weeks.



Why did you decide to come to Spain and more specially to Valencia ?

First of all, I came to Valencia because I have heard it is a beautiful city with good weather and many things to do in your free time (and this is true!) while it is not too touristic and still full of “original Spanish culture”. Also, I was convinced by the offer of the marketing-internship at Villarreal CF because working at an international football club is a thing I always wanted to do. Furthermore, I already had some slight knowledge of Spanish which I wanted to increase.

Have you improved your Spanish level ?

I definitely improved my Spanish level due to the Spanish classes I took (an intensive course at the beginning, then three times two hours a week) and also through the daily conversation with Spanish speakers (at work, in the city, at the language exchanges etc.). While I couldn’t even understand longer sentences when I arrived, I am now able to say them by myself!



What was your first impression of Valencia ?

I arrived here on a Sunday around half past eleven in the night and I was very surprised that at that time there were still people on the street, sitting in the restaurants and spending their evening outside. So, my very first impression was that the Valencianos are fun-loving people which was confirmed more and more during my stay. Also – as I arrived during the Easter-time – I realized that Valencianos are very traditional (there were processions on the street nearly every evening) and modern at the same time.

How have you experienced your first days here ?

During my first week in Valencia I did not have to work yet, so I had time enough to explore the city with all its different facets and of course to do my Spanish classes. I went to the beach and for long walks through the city trying to get used to the culture. Moreover, I went to a game of Valencia CF at the Mestalla stadium experiencing the Spanish “football madness” for the first time. Furthermore, I had a first not-so-good experience as I had to go to the hospital due to a bike accident. Not a single person could speak English so this was a first test for my new Spanish knowledge. By the way: It is very recommendable and nice to explore Valencia by bike, but not if it rains.

What cultural difference surprised you the most ?

For me, maybe the biggest cultural difference between Spain and my home-country Germany was the Spanish way of eating. Spaniards celebrate every meal they have (besides the breakfast which they more or less do not have at all). This means that going out to restaurants and having at least two plates for lunch and for dinner is very common. Also, they usually eat in large groups and the meals take very long.

Furthermore, I do not know how many times I heard the word “tranquilo” during my stay – you simply cannot count it. Meaning something like “calm” it describes the people and the lifestyle in Valencia very well as I think.

Would you recommend the experience of going abroad ?

Of course, I would recommend it to everyone. Going abroad opens your mind, you get to learn new countries, culture and of course people. And even if you say afterwards, “No, I like staying at home better”, this is also an experience gained.

Would you recommend Euroace’s programs?

Yes! Euroace is perfect for a trip to Valencia. You have language courses to learn Spanish, a lot of activities in and around Valencia and lovely people who help you whenever you need it. Also, my internship was a nice working experience!

Do you have any advice for the students who would like to experience the adventure ?

I would recommend future students to participate in as much activities as you can to get to know new people very quickly. Also, you should try to speak as much Spanish as you can to improve your skills as soon as possible.

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