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Living with a Spanish Family

Are you going to travel to Spain with Euroace for a cultural and linguistic immersion trip or for a study trip? Have you decided to live with a Spanish family to improve your Spanish and to discover the true Spanish culture? So for your next stay with a Spanish family from Euroace, we give you here a brief and exhaustive list of tips which will help you to live in a new culture.

Spanish schedule:

You will notice it very quickly! The pace of life of the Spaniards can be disconcerting and you will have to accustom yourself to a different rhythm of life. Meal hours take place about two hours later than in other countries of the world. Be prepared to not having lunch before 2:00 pm or to have dinner later than 9:00 pm with your host family!

Another Spanish tradition: the siesta. It is a Roman custom, which is also practiced in other countries. The high temperatures of the summer foment this tradition. It is a sacred moment during the silence is very important.

Spanish houses:

Spanish houses will surprise you! In Spain, most families do not live in houses but in flats. Space is limited. So you will most likely be sharing your room with one or two students. In addition, many times, you will have to share the bathroom with the whole family. Do not be surprised if you can not close the door of your room or bathroom, since the locks inside the houses are almost non existent in Spain. Gas and electricity are very expensive, so you also have to be careful about energy expenditure.

Household composition:

In Spain, the children live in their parents’ homes to an advanced age, sometimes up to 30 years or more! Do not be surprised if you have a brother or sister around this age. On the other hand, it is very likely that you will have the opportunity to meet the whole family during the numerous family meals organized by the Spanish.

The greetings:

When you arrive in Spain, do not be surprised if your mother or your Spanish father gives you two kisses on the cheek! This practice, which may seem surprising to students, is the usual way to greet each other in Spain. Also, you will notice very quickly that the Spaniards are very gesticulating and very expressive.

The food:

The food differences between Spain and your country will also be important. You’ll quickly notice that Spaniards are very proud of their traditional food. While living with a Spanish family you’ll have the opportunity to taste typical Spanish dishes such as: Spanish omelette, ibérico ham, croquettes, gazpacho and many more deli platters. Likewise, you will see that Spanish people fry food very often. If you prefer to eat a little lighter, do not hesitate and talk to your host family.


Living with a Spanish family is a unique opportunity to learn about the true Spanish culture. Our advice? Accept the new rules of the game! You’ll be amazed how quickly you can get used to these cultural differences.

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