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What to do in Valencia this weekend…

If you don’t know yet what to do this weekend in Valencia, here you have some suggestions…


From 20th to 24th April : Valencian Community’s Wine and Food Exhibition

The XXIX Wines, Caves and Liquors Exhibition and the XVII Traditional Food Exhibition are celebrated from the 20th to the 24th of April in the Turia Gardens.

This gastronomic event in Valencia brings together for four days all kinds of activities to know and taste the best products of the Valencian region. Music, culture, tastings, all located in the river bed of the old Turia, between the bridge of the Exhibition and the bridge of the Flowers of Valencia.

In the Wine and Food Exhibition of the Valencian Community 2017, organized by PROAVA, there will be many exhibitors offering the traditional products of our land. This exhibition is the largest gastronomic event of the Valencian Community that annually brings together in the city more than a hundred agri-food companies of the Valencian Community.


From 22nd to 24th April : València Electric Movements

Electric Movements is a free event in Valencia that aims to present sustainable mobility to institutions, companies and citizens through conferences, an exhibition of products and tests of electric vehicles. The “plaza del Ayuntamiento” will host this sustainable initiative on 22, 23 and 24 April. Everybody is invited to discover the latest trends in the electric world and reflect on the mobility of the future and the evolution of cities.


23rd April : 5 km Never Stop Running Race

The third edition of the Never Stop Running Race is back in Valencia ! The appointment is on Sunday April 23rd and takes place on “la Avenida de Francia” and the nearby streets. The 5km Never Stop Running race will start at 9:00 in the morning. The route will be the following : Avenida de Francia, Pedro Tomás Montañana Street, Avenida del puerto and J. J. Dòmine, Joan Verdeguer and Menorca streets. It is a good plan to enjoy with children since, at 10:00 hours will be organized a race for children. Fun and sport are the main reasons of this third edition of the Never Stop Running. Don’t miss it!


22nd to 23rd April


The Festival del Viento (Wind Festival) will take place on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 April in an unbeatable setting next to the sea, in Malvarrossa beach. On the stretch of beach between Calle Pintor Ferrandis and Avenida Mediterráneo, this aerial event will fill the skies of Valencia with kites of all sizes and colours. Spectacular, daring and creative are just some of the words we could use to describe this festival in which people and the wind come together to create art.


24th April


Easter week in Valencia is extended with the festivals of San Vicente Ferrer, the Patron Saint of the Valencian Community. During the festival, children re-enact the miracles of San Vicente on alters/stages erected in the thirteen neighbourhood areas of the city. These performances take place under the ever-watchful eye of the Saint whose image overlooks each of the platforms. You can enjoy some of these performances in the old city of Valencia, in Plaza Tossal, Plaza del Carmen, and opposite Lonja monument.

Enjoy Valencia during this looong weekend, don’t miss the events, and have a lot of fun!

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