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Excursion to Requena

Requena is located in the western part of the Region of Valencia. The name “Requena” is of Arabic origin, as it was an important Muslim town with many historical events.

One of the most visited places in Requena is the Caves. It’s very popular to visit this monument, because you have the opportunity to see how the ancestors lived in this village.

Another popular place and event to visit in Requena is the “gastronomic fair” (Feria del Embutido) with typical food of the area, where people can also drink wine from the region.

This is why Euroace Team decided to do an excursion to Requena with students of the school, where they could enjoy the old city and its monuments, and the typical food as well.


Here we have some testimonials of students who attended the excursion:

How was your experience?

ROBIN: Yeah i liked it quite a lot. To see the small town, and the things what Jose told us about the village were really interesting. Also watching the caverns and of course tasting the wine, the nice food and meeting all the other people was great.

ELENA: Great! When traveling, I always like to get outside of the city and see more of the country. Requena is a really cool small town with a lot of history and it was great to get a taste of it – in every sense of the Word.

KEMMY: It was a totally great experience!! To join in the trip I not only met a lot of friends but experience a really traditional gastronomic festival. The food there was really good. Requena is a small town full of history I´d love to go here again!


What did you expect?

ROBIN: To be honest first I thought we will go on a wine hill with caves and taste cheese as well. This is what it looks like in Germany. I didn’t expect all that food and the Spanish people with their traditional clothes. I didn’t expect that but I liked it.

ELENA: Honestly I only thought we were going to the food fair I had no idea that we were going to be able to explore the caverns as well.

KEMMY: Before going here I thought the gastronomic festival was just a place where we can see and buy lot of food and we can make food by ourselves, but I really amazed at it when I went there, everything´s really good and we are able to taste different kinds of food.


What do you think about this kind of traditions?

ROBIN: It’s nice I think. In Germany we have similar clothes at the Oktoberfest in Munich.

ELENA: I love any tradition that celebrates food!

KEMMY: It was the first time for me to join in this kind of festival, it was totally different from China, I love it!


Would you recommend the excursion to other students?

ROBIN: Of course. I liked it a lot and to see new things and get to know traditions, the culture and to meet other foreign people is always great.

ELENA: Definitely! There´s no reason not to go. The architecture of Requena is beautiful, the food is great, and going during a festival is a great time to visit.

KEMMY: Sure! Everything makes me surprised there, it was really a good place to go!


Article written by Adrian García, Intern of Euroace, and student of University of Valencia

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