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Learning Spanish…

In USA, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages, after English. If you are from USA, you will have many opportunities to practice.

Also, speaking Spanish helps to have more career and business opportunities. What are you waiting for to learn Spanish!? There are many tips and techniques to speed up your learning of Spanish.

Immerse Yourself”

Immerse yourself in the language and culture, and learning Spanish will be easier and faster.

Live in a Spanish speaking country, and be surrounded by Spanish language, Spanish culture and Spanish people 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Develop the Right Habits to learn the language”

Your habits will also determine your speed to learn the language, and if you will be able to learn the language of or not. You need to have as well a language learning aptitude. Your desire to learn Spanish must be strong enough to develop the necessary habits for learning Spanish.

Watch the television in Spanish, listen to the radio in Spanish, etc. Everything in Spanish! Go out to places where you can meet with Spanish speakers, eat Spanish countries food, etc.

Get surrounded by Spanish!!

Learn Spanish the Same Way that You Learned your own language”

Usually the method used in schools is not the best one. They teach you grammar, how to write, and it is wrong method to learn fast and to assimilate the language.

If you want to learn Spanish, you must learn it the same way that you learned your own language. Learn how to speak first!

Relate what you are learning to What You Already Know”

Many words in Spanish are related to words in your own language, for example to English. When you learn words in Spanish and you relate them to words in your language, for example English, it is easier to remember the Spanish words. For example, the word «beber» means to drink. If you make a mental note that the word «beber» is related to the English word «beverage» it is easier to remember.

Become an Imitator”

Don’t wait to imitate the native speakers, do it from the beginning. Imitate their pronunciations, intonations, expressions, vocabulary, etc.

It will help you to get the sounds and the vocabulary like a native speakers, and it will give you, step by step, more confidence, perfection and you will learn and assimilate faster the language.

Practice Makes Perfect”

Practice Makes Perfect is a language-learning reality, and making mistakes is a part of learning any language. If you don’t make mistakes, you are not speaking, you are not practicing, and, then, you are not learning.

«You Must Believe»

It is mandatory that you believe in yourself and your ability to learn a language.

“The power of thought”. Visualize the successful outcome of the goal. Then you will see the steps to follow to accomplish your goal. And work day by day, non stop, to get the goal.


If you stay focused you will accomplish your goal of speaking Spanish fluently. Never give up! Practice as much as possible! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes! Learn everyday!

And…. ENJOY!!


Font: “10 Secrets to Learning Spanish Like Crazy”
By Patrick Jackson,
Learning Like Crazy, Inc.,
New Rochelle, New York, USA

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