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Spanish and Internship programs with Euroace

My Beloved and Meaningful Life in Valencia

During last summer vocation, I participated in internship which was organized by Euroace. Isabel was so caring before and during the internship I worked in Valencia. I also took the Spanish class they offered. She was so kind to ease all my concerns about the life in Valencia as well as telling me what I should aware when I was in Spain. Before I arrived in Valencia, my Spanish was still in progress with basic knowledge. But, now, I am able to use Spanish for daily use like ordering in restaurant, asking for direction as well as everyday communications. The internship company I worked was a non-profit organization in Valencia, and my work field was related to communications and public relations. All my colleagues were so kind to me while we were working together. I am so glad that I joined this internship program for my summer holiday and missing everyone and everything in Valencia as well. I hope I have another chance going back to Valencia and visit everyone in Euroace.

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