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Spanish Language and Culture Immersion in Valencia, Spain with Euroace

I studied with Euroace in Valencia, Spain, for 5 weeks during the summer of 2012 with my home university. During my time in Spain, I learned about the Spanish culture and the customs while improving my Spanish speaking capabilities and having the time of my life.

During the 5 weeks of studying, my Spanish comprehension and speaking abilities improved every day, as did those of my classmates. We attended daily courses where the instructors used a hands-on and conversational approach to teach us the finer details of the language. We also learned how to apply what we learned through various tasks and assignments throughout the week. For example, we wrote about weekend trips to Madrid or the mountains utilizing the different past tenses. We talked about what we were hoping to do for the upcoming trip to Barcelona using the conditional or future tense. The instructors did a great job of incorporating daily life into the lesson plan.

I lived with a host mom with two other roommates while studying. The experience was much better having a place to call home while in a new city. Our host mom showed us around town, suggested activities, and made some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. She was definitely a big part of my experience and made it much more enjoyable.

Studying in Valencia was one of the best academic choices I’ve made. It allowed me to experience a completely new way of life while gaining valuable Spanish skills. I enjoyed my time in Valencia with Euroace so much that I went back to visit last August. I doubt that that was my last trip back to Valencia.

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